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Wholesale customers.

To become a wholesale buyer and to buy upholstered furniture in Ulyanovsk factory "Hummingbird" for producer prices, it is necessary to conclude the contract.

Our representatives receive marketing support:

printed catalogs and promotional materials + tissue samples;
assistance in the formation of the original order;
information support, consultations of specialists;
the ability to manufacture custom products;

Each representative we register on the map of dealers.
We offer You to order the exhibition samples at the following conditions:

Prepaid 40%
Supplement the remaining 60% before shipment
Along with furniture we provide free catalogues, price lists and brochures.
The production time of the order (in case of absence of goods in stock) 14 days after the prepayment


Send information about yourself by filling out the FORM. We will contact You shortly and discuss mutually beneficial terms of cooperation!

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